Go Get Em Tiger! NOT!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes, I think it is amazing that a week like this could be considered a lazy week for me. I worked out four times this week, but it was bare minimum. Yes, this is my subjective opinion but I have been living an active lifestyle for over half of my life. I say this because in the realm of exercise, if I am “not feeling it” I stop (even if the excuse is poor). On the other hand, once I sincerely commit, I tend to give it my all. At that point, quitting is not an option; I may have a lot of modifications though.

 I have decided to sign up for a duathlon race here in town. What is a duathlon you might ask? It is a race for wannabe triathletes (LIKE ME) that opt out of the swim option. Instead it will be: run, bike, and run some more. The game plan is to simply complete it (not race and give it my all). 

You know what else is on my mind? Going back to work in a few weeks, working on my freestyle (one or twice a week), and running. I like a challenge though. I have also been thinking about trail running; too bad I don’t actually feel like showing up. Trail running is definitely going into the bucket list.

This week’s upcoming agenda:

Tuesday: Master Swim and run 5 miles

Wednesday: Bike Ride

Thursday: Master Swim and run 5 miles

Saturday: Long run (like really long….)

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