Retreat, Reflect, Regroup, and Execute Greatness BABY!

As you good people know from previous posts, I am interested in the world of triathlons. Being a marathoner, I thought that it would be a good idea to sign for an Olympic duathlon. Run a total of 8 miles? Sure no problem, I say to myself. Bike 25 miles? I have never biked that far, but I have a bike and I am in shape. How hard could this be?  You probably think everything should be fine, like me. HOWEVER, THERE IS ONE BIG PROBLEM. 

What’s wrong with this picture????

The license and race info are covered (sorry, I don’t know you like that).

 bike with covered information

While it is a nice enough bike, a hybrid bike does not belong in any type of road race, EVER. I might as well have had a mountain bike. I am still laughing at this situation. Everyone, regardless the fitness level or size of the person zoomed passed me. Those road bikes are so much lighter and powerful, it sounds like a car is passing you. Well, I take that back. It feels like Lance Armstrong is passing you. Same difference. Let me announce it again. EVERYONE FREAKIN PASSED ME! The Lance Armstrongs were very nice, though. They would say things like “Good job”, “Keep up the good work”, and “Go Mountain Bike”!

At about mile 15, I realized that I still had to bike 10 more (hilly) miles and run 6. At that point, I realized that this is a true endurance sport. With endurance sports, if your training and equipment is not up to par, you WILL get a minor injury (minimum), battle dehydration, develop a bad attitude (preventing you from ever wanting you to try again), etc. I have never had to deal with that type of drama. I deal with the drama of not feeling like training (when the alarm goes off). So, when I saw the race bike taxi/mechanic, I cheerfully stuck my thumb out (with my healthy, hydrated, good attitude having self), and dropped out of the race. The driver is a local bike shop owner. We obviously talked about properly selecting a road bike for a road race, and how I had a very long day ahead of me if I would have kept going.

Moral of the story: Don’t bring your fists to a gunfight. But if you do so, inadvertently, know how to retreat LIKE A BOSS!

I am not going to lie though. I can’t wait until I buy my race bike. I will do so sooner or later, and I am signing up for this race next year. At the moment, though, life is a bit busy in other aspects of my life. The game plan is now to focus on marathon training (that won’t be too hard, since it isn’t my first rodeo). And revisit these other goals after November or so.


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