I’m Not About That Life.

Sometimes I am not about that life, because the idea seems confusing, unusual (FOR ME), or overwhelming at time.


I meant to post last week, but it was uneventful, and I was tired. This week in fitness however, was just as lame, but I can recall some of my findings:

Tuesday: The plan was to run 6 miles. I came home and took a 30 nap. Right when it was time to get up, it began to rain really hard. I stayed in bed. I have a lot of policies when it comes to working out. Want to hear one? Here it goes: I don’t mind if it starts raining while I am in route to run, or if I am already running. I won’t, however, run if starts raining really hard before I leave the house. I am not about that life.

Wednesday: I ran 4 miles. Running by myself in epic humidity ensures that I will run extra slow, despite having a Garmin and an IPod.

Thursday: I ran 6 miles. Much better (about an 11:20 pace), but still lower than I would like (10:30 or faster make me happy). I am also experimenting with running without music. The rationale is that one can use breathing as a reference for steady pacing, thus conserving valuable energy. A downloaded playlist tends to make me speed up and slow down.

Saturday: I ran 8.5 miles. Most of my running peeps are running part of their scheduled run in the morning, and are running a popular race later that day. Apparently it is popular to do a long run and complete the rest of the run later that day in the race. Policy: I don’t run multiple times in a day. I am not about that life.

Sunday: The plan was to run 4-6 miles. The day went by too fast and I still wasn’t prepared for the work week. I ran 2 miles instead. Policy: I do what I can when it comes to leisure activities like running. When it comes to prioritizing, I am about that life

Also, when I am tired or have very little down time (which is quite often for me and perhaps for you the reader), I pretty much get my servings through smoothies, microwavable veggies and brown rice, and whatever side options there at the lunch line at work. Watered down Gatorade seems pretty tasty when I am in this state as well. That brings me to another policy:  I don’t hang out with food judgy types. I am not about that life, because I am for certain that you will kill my vibe.

Happy running!  Quotes like that are annoying. Have a good week.

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