The 20 Mile Run That Didn’t Happen

Yep, it’s official. My marathon training is on life support. Saturday morning came too fast, and I was way too sleepy to get out my warm cozy bed to begin running at 5:30 a.m. with the group. I hate not being able to run with my friends and have a good time, but I don’t feel bad about skipping. Tired is tired. Here is what I did this week:

Tuesday 5:30 a.m. – Five mile run with a good running friend. I wanted to revisit running in the morning before work, because it’s hard to predict when meetings end. I was so sleepy around noon, it wasn’t the least bit funny. I may revisit this idea some other time.

Thursday: 0 miles. I got to the park, but the humidity and my fatigue got the best of me. I never got out my car. I used the spare hour take care of errands.

Saturday: I was supposed to run 20 miles this day.  Oh well. I did run 2 Saturday evening, since I had not ran since Tuesday. I wanted to do at least 4, but once again the humidity got to me. I bought my self a Dr. Suess coffee mug for at least trying, and recognizing when to back off.


(Laugh if you must, but it is my new favorite mug!)

So good people, have you been in a similar situation with your fitness? If so, how did you resolve the matter?

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