It’s All About Your Outlook, Grasshopper!

ImageI was running with some friends earlier in the week (Tuesday), and someone mentioned free CrossFit workouts in honor of 9/11. So 2 of my runner friends and I decided to do the 5:30 a.m. class.

I really enjoyed the class. It is a very friendly, serious, and goal oriented environment. I haven’t lifted weights consistently in about a year, so I asked for modifications (the lightest weights). I even asked for modifications for the running part (which was a little over a mile before weights and a mile after; I did about 800 meters before and after). I always start easy concerning fitness activities, and add volume as I see fit. I see people get injured and burned out all of the time because of over-training.

What is interesting is that, while I am in good shape, I was really sore the next day!  This kind of workout doesn’t make me feel inclined to follow their optional food plan/lifestyle (the Paleo diet), but it does make me want to revisit being a lot more consistent with consuming a plant based diet (don’t front, you know process foods are your friend when you are really busy too).

The tricky part is how to strategically implement CrossFit into my lifestyle. I like the idea of completing a CrossFit workout once a week. I still want to run 3 times a week, and CrossFiting once a week is doable, for me, physically and financially.

That brings me to a resolution. I am going to just maintain my half marathon base for the time being. Right now, I just cannot PROPERLY train for a marathon without the threat of spreading myself to thin. After running about two hours or so (for Saturday long runs), I am ready go home. That can get me about 11 miles. Nowhere close to 26.2 miles.

I have to remind myself that I completed my first marathon this earlier year (5:06:00 if you might ask). I was poised to break 4:45:00, with consistent training. It is a fact that many professional marathoners train for one race a year, two marathons max. So let’s just say that I meet my quota for this year, even though it was originally a bucket list item.

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