“I Don’t See How You Run So Far!” Yeah, Me Either.

Running has been something that I look forward to AFTER I complete the workout. The last two workouts (Saturday’s 10 miler and today’s 4 miler) has the same after effects. This is a regular exercise conversation that I have been having with myself the past month.

One hour before: Ugg I’m don’t feel like doing this ________. I should take a nap, run errands, find something to eat (you know to procrastinate), d all of the above.

In route: Yup still tired, but there’s no turning back.

Destination: Oh good, my running group. At least I don’t have to do this _________ alone.

The First Mile: Holy Cow! My body doesn’t’ feel like doing this. At all. I should turn and leave. But I am with this group, and that would not be cool. I could lie that my head hurts or something………

The Other Miles: Okay, this is legit. And our conversation is legit too.

Finish Destination: Yep, I’m am such a warrior. You can’t tell me nothing, and I think I’m hot.

An hour Afterward: Why am I in a really good mood, and why do I have this stupid grin on my face?

That is a lot of drama just to workout. It is what it is. I wonder if I am the only person that has this type of conversation with myself.

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