Three Years From Now…..

WordPress Daily Prompt

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog– but three years into the future.


Three years from now? Are you kidding me? I am in a season of growth personally and professionally. I can barely foresee into next week (without the assistance of a planner), let alone three years. I’m up for a challenge though. By the way, I am going to trade CrossFit for hot yoga. I may talk more about that in next week’s post.


I still blog weekly. The subject covers areas outside or fitness, but I still be explore my fitness potential. I am also a blogger with a fancy theme format.

I completed the following goals within this past two years.

        Purchased a road bike AND currently ride it regularly.

        Completed a triathlon.

        Complete a 50k (31 miles) trail ultra-marathon race.

My circle of supportive God fearing friends, family, and associates has grown. I still have to weed toxic situations/personalities out my life every once and a while; but such is life.


BONUS: I am also the proud owner of a Vespa scooter.


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