Writers Block Is the DEVIL!!!!!!!!

So I have been laying low, as far as blogging is concerned, because things from this end has been uneventful. I completed my 14 mile run last Saturday, and I am bringing the mileage down in order to prepare for the Solider Half Marathon (November 9). The problem is that this past week I brought my mileage WAY down; I didn’t run at all. About 5 weeks out of the calendar year, I get (planned and previously planned) curve-balls that keep me from finding time and energy to run. Well, this was one of them. Many runners will opt to take a week or two off after a marathon or half marathon, but because of curve-ball weeks, I keep running the week after big races (or at the very least, I will cross train and give my legs a break). I figure that I will lose fitness and motivation if I take too many weeks off.

I have a small perplexing situation. Race day, I am poised to run about a 9:50 mile pace if I want to give it my all. Let’s call this plan A. Plan B: Train through the race with about an 11:00-11:30 mile pace and resume full marathon training for the 26.2 With Donna Finish Breast Cancer Marathon (I really like destination races). Again, It isn’t the most important decision in the world to make, but it is kind annoying because I like to be prepared and really have things planned out. What would you do? I do realize that the average Joe or Jane would say “neither, just sleep in”, but I am doing that. It’s Curve-ball week, remember?

In other news, I am happy to say that I have taken a (hopefully permanent) break from microwavable rice. I had gotten into a horrible habit of throwing those little cups, a pack of almonds, and a Green Giant frozen veggie box into my work tote and calling it lunch. Not much has changed, but I found a quinoa brand that I really like. All quinoa doesn’t cook well or taste that good. Also, it’s also one of those items that I prefer to cook in bulk. This cooks perfectly in my rice cooker, and it is tasty. Do bear in mind, it is tasty when matched with something that has flavor. Cooked grains, in general, are nothing to write home about when you eat it by itself. The only caveat is that I found it at Costco (not in my city). But since it was purchased in bulk, I don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.



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