Hydration is the Key

My motivation to hydrate today was so that I can attempt to be a rock star in hot yoga tonight. I had been thinking about it all day, with it being such a Monday (you know that Monday tired feeling that makes you think you are being “punked” because it is not Friday).

Now, do bear in mind I speak for MYSELF when I say this. It can be a real struggle to hydrate for successful physical activity, especially when the day is really busy. And let’s be honest, drinking coffee and green tea is way more fun than drinking bland ole water.  But you cannot survive being physically active without regular proper hydration. Well, you can, but why would I choose to be an idiot and risk my health and safety?

My saving grace has been the fact that I do a decent job of getting my produce servings on a daily basis. Things like packing cut up fruit and veggies, and throwing them in my work tote helps (I think), and having smoothies here and there also seem to help. Drinking actual water is tricky for me, because I don’t care for tap water in my city. Sometimes I will feel bad about drinking coffee and tea as frequently as I do, and I will switch to hot water with a squeeze of lemon. If I am feeling fancy, I spruce it up with a small piece of ginger.

Now that I have completed this operation, I kind of feel silly, because the workout did so much more than feed my ego. It “calmed my nerves”! I have this wicked zen right now. It is comparable to runners high. As a matter of fact, I may do some research to see if there is a difference. It may be the same type of endorphin release. The wheels are spinning. Stay tuned!

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