Vegetarianism Part I: How It Came to Be For Me (teehee that rhymes)!

I am so glad it is Sunday, and that we move the clock back an hour. This November challenge (National Blog Posting Month) is getting real. My dirty trick has been to create spare blog posts, just in case the work week get to busy. That is so much easier said than done.

Anyway, for this post, let’s talk about me being vegetarian. I would like to discuss my journey to this lifestyle. To me, there had been a decline in the food industry when it comes to the quality (taste wise) of meat. For example, when I was a teenager, Wendy’s had really good hamburgers (I stopped eating hamburgers years before I became vegetarian), then suddenly one day they tasted nasty. Distraught, I would order another burger periodically, and yielded the same results. Another example is that hot wings also stopped tasting good a while back as well, but I always enjoyed the sauce part. And after a while, the poor taste quality escalated to a yucky feeling that lingered on the stomach.

I suspected that it was easy to notice these concerns, because I had developed a plant based diet after I graduated college anyway (I need cleaner food/energy/fuel to be a high school teacher and keep up with the angels). The past couple of years though, I actually kicked up a notch and became full vegetarian (no meat, or fish; but I do eat a small amount of dairy and eggs).

So the actual process started like this. I gave up red meat the day after Thanksgiving years ago. Then lent came, and I gave up poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.). Lastly, I gave up seafood, as well because it had been a long time since I had seafood that tasted really good (shrimp and salmon, in particular). It all still smells good sometimes, like if I am going past a reputable restaurant. But in general, going past a mall food court, or jogging/running past a fast food restaurant has a distinct, non-appetizing smell. So you see, I am not the ethical type of vegetarian; meaning that I am not trying to save the world and such. I am not put off by people that choose to eat meat. That’s none of my concern or business. And let’s face it, different food taste good to different people.

Next Post: Vegetarianism Part II: Frequently Asked Questions

Two common questions that I am asked are:

a) So, what do you eat?  b) So, do you think you will become vegan?


2 thoughts on “Vegetarianism Part I: How It Came to Be For Me (teehee that rhymes)!

  1. I am a vegetarian as well that is considering transitioning to vegan. I always get asked what I eat, which is why I have plenty of recipes on my blog haha

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