Vegetarianism Part II: Frequently Asked Questions

Friendly Reminder: I am posting daily for National Blog Posting Month. I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of posts!

For me, everyone in my life is pretty cool about my choice. I think it is because I am pretty relaxed about it. I do get questions about my choice, but the questions generally seem to be out of curiosity (or maybe a loved one is making sure that I know what I am doing). I think the key for me was that I did my research, had a peace of mind about it, and I made a very slow thoughtful transition.

Frequently asked questions that I get are the following:

a) So, what do you eat?

b) So, do you think you will become vegan?

c) Did you lose weight after you became vegetarian?

So, what do you eat?

Think of anything under the sun that is not meat, and that is what I eat candy, produce, whole grains, Pastries, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, etc. I also try to avoid food products that have gelatin, animal fat, and animal broth (like chicken broth). One should do there research because so many items have animal byproducts. However, it is not the end of the world or off putting if it turns out that I ate something had a byproduct of meat cooked in it.  For me, it is the actual meat/flesh that I am not flexible about. I believe that if one is super adamant about checking the ingredients of every product, it can lead to over the top restrictive eating. Believe or not, most restaurants have something for everyone to eat these days, because it is very common for people to be particular about what they eat (like people who have to watch their sugar or sodium intake, for example).

So, do you think you will become vegan?

No. I feel that abstaining from meat is enough for me. In general though, I don’t perform well fitness wise (running and yoga) when I consume too many processed foods. With that said, I feel like taking anything thing else out of my diet would have adverse health benefits. Put it this way, if my medical doctor began to point out problems cause by foods that I consume or opt not to consume, I would react accordingly and take the prescribed advice. I really do think it is always smart to follow up with a medical doctor, when you are considering or implementing dietary changes (as I did).

Did you lose weight after you became vegetarian?

No.  My weight has remained the same despite long distance running and being vegetarian. I had a health weight and BMI prior to these lifestyle changes. I credit this to the fact that I ate a plant based diet when I was eating meat, and I was physically active before I took up running half marathons and full marathons. By body has changed though. I am more toned, and it appears that I have lost weight.


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