Yoga is Like Running: It May Not Be For Everyone.

Each person is supposed to make their yoga experience their practice. So that means that even thought I would love to be the yoga rock star, that I know I can be one day, I have to bear in mind that yoga not competitive .I do get distracted by yogis that can do headstands and such. My mind also wanders, and worse I get sleepy after an hour for some reason. It is a 90 minute class.

I also have a strange defiance. Some of those move are so high level that I literally get scared. I actually think this thought: “uh, I am not fin to do that move and break my neck.” I promptly go into child’s pose as everyone else proceeds to potentially break their neck.

After all, it is about being in the moment physically and mentally.  I go there for the stress reliving benefits.

I also enjoy doing yoga because I am a bit of a pessimist, and yoga encourages me and challenges me to have an open mind (to ease into new moves); but one of my projects is to study more about the practice (in particular, the 8 limbs). The subject of yoga is endless and very interesting to me.

Question: What was your first impression of yoga?

4 thoughts on “Yoga is Like Running: It May Not Be For Everyone.

  1. I actually got into yoga because of you. I think you were the only person of color (lol) I knew who did yoga. So I ordered my DVDs and instantly fell in love. I have recently have become lazy and have not been doing it as consistently. But it really does make you feel more positive.

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