Huffington Post, Who Are These People That You Speak Of?

According to this Huffington Post Article, fit generally do 7 particular things. They should have talked to me before they posted this article. Anyway, let me begin my rebuttal. By the way my pen name is Bookworm. Enjoy.

1. “We walk our kids to school. “

Bookworm: I don’t even walk my dog. She goes to the door, and I let her out.

2. “We say no to the bread basket”.

Bookworm: I usually say yes if the bread is tasty.  I’m usually satisfied after about 2 slices.

3. “We don’t fall off any wagons. Fit people don’t go on wagons in the first place”.

Bookworm: I don’ have a wagon either. What is your point?

4. “Can we walk there?”

Bookworm: I don’t say stuff like that.

5. “We take the first parking spot we see. You know that person doing laps around the parking lot in their car? Don’t be that person”. 

Bookworm: I am TOTALLY that person.

6. “We don’t take the elevator up one floor, or even nine floors”. 

Bookworm: Okay, it make sense to walk up to the second floor. But I like elevators. So deal.

7. “We eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up”. 

Bookworm: I eat breakfast when I get hungry. Sometimes it is within 30 minutes. Most of the time it is within two hours.


Is it me, or was this article smug? And who are these people that Huffington Post surveyed. They seem….. different. Either that, or my fitness future isn’t bright. How many things do you do from this article?

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