I’m Taking a Half Personal Day From This Blog.

In lieu of posting my race recap (which was legit), I am opting to use the help of a contributing writer, my cousin, Bertha’s Angel. She wants to share her real time transition into becoming vegetarian. As a matter of fact, she stopped eating red meat years before I did. So in this way, we often bounce diet and exercise ideas off of each other. Look here, be nice to her while I’m gone. She will be making guest appearances here and there. I will give you the scoop on my race tomorrow. Enjoy.

Let’s give a round of applause to Bertha’s Angel!

31 Day Challenge…Mission Completed

“After years of absolutely ridiculous digestion related issues (I’ll spare you the details), I decided to give up meat for the month of October.  My “no meat” applies to chicken and turkey since I gave up beef and pork years ago.  Why not usher in my big 4-0 with a bang?!

I decided to keep fish in my diet since I wasn’t super eager to go cold turkey (excuse the pun) on everything.  As the days started to roll by, I was surprised that I didn’t miss it much.  By day 12 I noticed my mad dash to grab the nearest acid reducer/tummy tamer had turned to a slow crawl.  By day 20, I wasn’t reaching for it at all!!!!  WOW!!!

My urge to grab a deliciously seasoned piece of baked chicken was fading.  As I reflected I thought that this wasn’t so hard. I had energy, my exercise routine had not been impacted, and I had inner peace!

But by day 29 I was suddenly STARVING!!!   This was NOT okay.  I adjusted my protein source and was back up and running.  Literally.  I welcomed in November with a peaceful gut.  Thanksgiving will be tempting, but I’m up for the challenge.”    

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