Solider Half Marathon Race Day Recap

Two hours and twenty-one minutes for the Solider Half Marathons (That is an 11 minute average mile pace)! I mention that information first, because when I read most running blogs. The writer will discuss so many details of the race, and then totally fail to tell the reader what their final time was. Anyway, I wanted a 10:30 average mile pace but I will take what I got. I say that, because it is a PR by nine minutes. It is also my one anniversary of racing. I am extra proud of still running, getting faster, and staying injury free.


Runners that finish the course earn a dog tag instead of a finisher’s medal. 

When I got home, I got the munchies, and for the first time I could not go to sleep after running. So what did I do? I called and Facebooked some runner friends, talked to Bertha’s Angel (11/9/13 blog contributor), and snacked some more. Later, I blogged at a Starbucks, bought a new pair of shoes, and met with said runner friends at a Mexican Restaurant.

At this point, I don’t know how I feel about running any races, in the near future. Usually, I am thinking about signing up for another race hours after racing. Not this time, I do want to explore taking up more time cross training. Yep, you guessed it. It is either going to be Cross-fit or yoga.

So I have a question for you guy and gals? Do you have a weird fatigue that lingers for days after the race? That is another reason I don’t have a race on the agenda. I don’t like lounging around the house, switching between watching TV and Netflix, from where I don’t feel like doing anything else. I didn’t start doing anything (worth discussing) until about 11:00 (a. m. this morning). That’s very unlike me.


2 thoughts on “Solider Half Marathon Race Day Recap

    • I appreciate that. My attention span can be short when reading blogs sometimes. That may be a future post: Things about other blogs that tend to shorten my attention span!

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