HOLD UP! I Need a Cup of Joe Before I Decide.

I do still have a lingering fatigue from the race, but at least I feel up to doing more stuff today. This morning, my mind felt like running a few miles but my body objected. I think that is a good sign. Since my mind was in the right direction, I renewed another year round training program with my Galloway running group. I don’t always feel like doing the walk-run method, but the group is very supportive, and has a variety of running levels. I also purchased an unlimited yoga subscription for this month and next month. It is $120 for two months. That is kind of a steal! I plan to go at least twice a week.

With the running group, two days this week, the schedule calls for a restorative 3 to 4 mile run. If I decide to do stick with the marathon group, that will call for a 15 mile long run. Everyone else will do a 5 mile long run. I will have to sleep on it, have a cup, of coffee, and then decide what to do (the 15 or 5 mile). Additionally, I think I will continue to register for races a week or two before hand, unless it is an out of state race where I have already made a financial commitment to (like purchasing an airline ticket).

Back to coffee. I used to hate the taste of flavored coffee, but lately I have been enjoying the Hazelnut flavor Folgers Milestone Kerig coffee pods. What are some other good Kerig flavors? Up until now, I was only drinking the Starbucks Blonde roast pods. There are some really yucky flavors out there, and don’t get me started on the green and black Kerig tea pods.


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