Why Cooking Is Not Part Of My Lifestyle….

I don’t feel like it. It’s that simple. By the time I go to work, keep a tidy house, workout, etc, I just prefer to enjoy my leisure time doing other things. It’s not hard to do, and I am quite good at it (when I put my mind to it). Whatever recipe I try is tends to taste good (assuming it has had good reviews). However, this zebra is ready to change her stripes (a little bit).

I want to break out my crock-pot and jazz things up a little. The problem is that most vegetarian recipes tend to center on beans or lentils. I am not into beans especially on days that I do yoga or go running. I’m just not. So here is the question: What are some good crock-pot recipes for runners that has a vegetable emphasis? I am not going to hold my breath for responses, but hopefully you guys can help.

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