The Smoothie Update

I have managed to have a smoothie every day. It is my new breakfast.


It fills my stomach for hours.

It helps me get my produce servings for the day.

It aids in ensuring that I am hydrated for workouts

It’s portable.

It is a product that I can close up, if I get too busy, and come back to. Sometimes, it takes a few hours for me to drink it up.

My blender is large enough for me to make two quart jar size smoothies. I drink the second one the next day. Second day smoothie is pretty legit!


It is unattractive to look at. And It is not something that I would take with me to a morning meeting the way that I would carry a cup of coffee or green tea.

The jar that I carried it in received a lot of funny looks (initially) and questions like “what is that”, especially from students. I am happy to say that I haven’t been “clowned” by my coworkers (yet).

Weird Habit Alert: With it being November, sometimes I will get cold and switch back and forth from the smoothie to green tea or hot water with a lemon slices.




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