You Know I Have Been Thinking…..

The one thing I hate about ending marathon/half-marathon training is beating one’s appetite back down. Now mind you, I am not trying to lose weight or anything like that, but I failed to notice the amount of food that I take in as the mileage was building. I have been eating the same things, but naturally, the portions became larger. When I completed the half marathon, I was interested in stepping back up to full marathon training. The problem came with doing yoga once or twice a week (for about 3 weeks). It is something about it that has been making my knees achy. I never had prior knee issues.

With that said, I have backed off yoga all together, lowered my mileage, and ran with a group that takes plenty of walk breaks. So since I am not exercising to the same volume, I probably need to do the following: reduce portion size, reduce carbohydrate intake (a little bit), or both. Yuck! This isn’t going to be fun.

Another thing: In a blog post, am I supposed to capitalize each word the way you do for the title of a book?

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