Pain, Pain Go Away!

So I have been doing yoga once or twice a week in addition to running about three times a week. I have developed knee pain that I think has been called by yoga. Naturally, I have ceased performing any type of yoga exercise (that is annoying because I purchased that unlimited yoga pass for two months, at the cost of $120). I still notice minor knee pain that comes and goes during running and sitting too long. I am seeing a sports medicine doctor in the morning. This has been going on for about a week, and I don’t have time for this noise anymore.

Based on web research, I think I either have Runner’s Knee, IT Band Syndrome, or BOTH. I am aware that personally diagonosing one’s self using the internet is not always effective. However, The Bookworm (that’s me) likes to guess the condition before seeing a doctor. Anyway, based on research, you can still run a little bit, but you need to reduce volume and speed. I have noticed when I do this, I feel a lot better. I also think that I am going to start spinning for the cross training benefits.


(That’s an easy math problem, hopefully my problem won’t be too complicated either.)

2 thoughts on “Pain, Pain Go Away!

  1. Spinning sounds like a great idea. And I, too, self-diagnose initially. I have a sporadic knee thing, too. Not sure what is causing it. When it happens, I switch to biking for a while. Good luck!

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