Diagnosis: Keep Running (with caution)!

My knee is has a special type of inflation, known as Synovitis. So kids, that’s why it is always good to follow up with a medical doctor (in my case a sports doctor, that specializes in knee pain) after you use the internet to diagnose yourself. I thought it was Runner’s Knee. The treatment is to reduce running volume some, continue to do yoga if I like, and take an anti-inflammatory. That’s cool with me, because it is starting to get too cold outside anyway.

Today, I explored the idea of spinning for cross training (to replace the yoga; I feel that the yoga aggravated the knee pain). I think I can commit to spinning once a week, in addition to running 3 times a week.   I’m happy that this is not a chronic condition. The only caveat is that the doctor recommended rehab/physical therapy. This will introduce me to exercises to strengthen and stretch my quads. My quadricepses were so tight that it brought along the knee pain. I plan to go only one time. I don’t have time for all of that.


(Isn’t it funny how “back in the day” physical therapy/rehab was for serious injuries, and if one said rehab we totally assumed it was a drug or alcohol problem?)

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