The Shape Magazine Article Featuring Mary J. Blige

I am generally interested to read about how African American female celebrities maintain diet and exercise habits, especially those in the 30 to 50 age group. Besides being a 30+ black female, these are usually people that I have followed over the years because of their talents. So naturally, when I found out that Shape Magazine was featuring Mary J. Blige for its cover issue, I wanted to read the magazine edition. I decided to download the e-magazine version.

In the article, Blige, 42, mentions that she has enjoyed being fit for many years. However, as she is aging, her body wants to hold on to the extra weight. Her motivation to maintain her physique is her distaste for being out of shape and not being in a good mood when she doesn’t exercise. Currently, her exercise routine consists of mainly running, swimming, and strength training. However, she is very transparent about preparing for the photo shoot. She says that she increased her cardio and stopped eating sugar 21 days before the shoot. Diet wise, she is gluten free, dairy-free, and low carb “most of the time”. Lastly, she cuts out carbs by about 6:00. Additionally, she generally abstains from alcohol. 

Blige is clear about how physical fitness and overall wellness is attainable. However, she emphasizes that it is not always easy. Some of her eating habits do seem a tad bit extreme, though. I opt not to eat meat, but it’s isn’t to maintain my weight. You know how some people say they could not function without eating meat? Well that’s how I feel about carbohydrates. She also references domestic violence, substance abuse, and the death of celebrities (such as Whitney Houston) as being part of what she uses to motivate herself toward overall wellness. Even though I have not had to deal these types of struggles, I still relate to the notion of striving to be fit and well in the midst of stress.

What celebrities do you follow that appear to live a physically healthy lifestyle?

Image(This is the first magazine that I have download to a tablet. I like the e-magazine format a lot better than the print version, so far).


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