My Street Name and Getting Back into a Decent Routine

As you know, I go by the name “Bookworm”. It’s not a street name per say, but it is a name that “they” call me at work sometimes. So I have been thinking, “why not add a reading review element to this blog”. So from here on, I plan to add a little brain food to the blog by sharing my personal reviews of website articles, books, and magazine articles that may interest you all. After all, a bookworm needs her nourishment and she likes to share her grub. I plan to keep these reviews in the category titled “The Bookworm Review” category (which is on the side of this blog).

As far as food and fitness is concerned, I am easing back into the routine from Thanksgiving. This week, I was able to do the following:

Monday: Spin class

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles

Thursday: Ran 3 miles

Saturday: Ran 5 miles


The week of Thanksgiving, eating wise, was very relaxed. I half heartily got back into my regular eating routine this week.  It seems like once you start eating a lot of processed foods, and junk food in general, the body quickly gets used to this new wannabe habit.  After a while, though, I see the negative impact that too much processed food has on my energy level. At any rate, it will take another week or so for me to get back into the full swing of things.

I did start consuming a promising multivitamin this week. I was using Alive chewable multivitamins; I knew I could count on not forgetting to have a gummy during that busy time. It will stay in the rotation. The new multivitamin is Raw One (from the Vitamin Shoppe, for about $10). I am remembering it by taking it whenever I have a smoothie (which has been every other day this past week).


(I dig this product. What vitamin(s) do you all consume?)

5 thoughts on “My Street Name and Getting Back into a Decent Routine

  1. Rock on — is that a Garden of Life multivitamin? I take their RAW Women’s Probiotics and they are amazing! All I can say is, I notice the difference. A big investment but worth it, and sometimes they are on sale for 30-35% off. Buy them refrigerated or they’ll just be expensive pink powder though 🙂

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