This Is How a Type B+/A- Person Thinks…..

Do you look at eating plans from online articles or magazines articles and think “No, they are doing WAAAY too much for me. Who has time to shop for and eat all of this foo foo food?” Well, I think this meal plan in this month’s edition of Runner’s World didn’t look so bad. It still needed a touch of the Bookworm’s modification though.


When I do become a morning exerciser (at this point it might be a spinning class) this is how I would change this plan:

Breakfast: Steel cut reheated oatmeal (made earlier in the rice cooker) with almond milk, some raisins, and coffee (to wake up).  Eat something you can consume in 2-5 minutes and drink coffee. A Kashi breakfast bar is legit. If you sit too long, you may crawl back in bed.

Post Exercise Snack: Premade smoothie, similar to picture above, but substitute ice for frozen fruit and substitute ice for almond milk. Add spinach for an easy serving count (you can’t taste it). Your time is limited; you don’t want to be late for work, do you?  Drink it at work.

Lunch: Vegetable soup from the crock-pot with a can of black beans thrown in said crock-pot. Substitute toast for favorite crackers (Ritz crackers is cool, but don’t try that if you know you will eat the whole sleeve). Hummus (keep a tub of it at work if you have access to a refrigerator). 1 cup of whatever to drink.

Dinner: Salad with your choice. Mix in microwave quinoa (because you made earlier in the rice cooker right? Pair it with your choice of protein.  Eat what your mind tells you to eat (with reason and moderation). It’s been a long day at work, and you woke up early to exercise right?

How would you go about modifying this meal plan?

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