I’m Still Thinking About the Active Couch Potato

Recall the article about “active couch potatoes” the other day.  I find it to be a compelling article, because a lot of people do not necessarily sit on a couch and watch television regularly anymore (that is kind of 1998 anyway if you ask me).Instead, many of us drop the ball at work when we have a time consuming task or project that requires sitting behind a desk. Or when we are not at work, we are giving a lot of screen time through social media, video games, etc. I have a friend that I run with sometimes that is in great shape, and regularly uses a Fitbit. She also put her walking stats on Facebook. That, in conjunction with seeing it at Dicks Sporting Goods Store has intrigued my interest.  I am very much on the fence because I don’t want to be something that I lose interest in a few months from now (equating to wasted money).

Before I make the purchase, I need answers to the following questions:

How accurate is this tool compared to the other high tech pedometers out there?

Does the alarm that taps your wrist have a snooze button?

What are the hidden expenses that will accompany this purchase (because there is usually a hidden expense when you buy a new piece of technology) and what else from the brand will one feel enticed to purchased (this is not the time for budget busters)?

Because I was out of my regular routine this week, lots of processed food intake ensued. Also because of the curveballs I had this week, I was only able to do the following:

Monday: Spin Class

Tuesday: Run 4 miles

Sunday: Run 4 miles

This upcoming week is going to be even busier than usual. I plan to exercise at least twice before going to work. Wish me luck.


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4 thoughts on “I’m Still Thinking About the Active Couch Potato

  1. I think you should go to the Best Buy website and to Amazon and read the reviews on there. I have a fb friend who uses the Jawbone. I honestly didn’t know there were so many options until after I got mine and was out Amazon one day looking around. Now, if I was in the position to purchase one, then I am not 100% sure I would have gotten this one. I definitely like it, I don’t have any complaints…but it just seems some of the other options have more things you can do. Now, when it measures the sleeping I feel like it just goes by when you move/toss and turn which really it is the only option. Another cool thing is, several of my FB friends have the FItbit and they are my friends on the Fitbit site as well and it tracks your steps for a rolling 7 days and that makes for some friendly competition. I started using mine at the end of December in 2012 and I wear it every single day. But definitely read some of the reviews online for some of the different options and that will probably help you with making a decision on whether to get one and on which one to get.

  2. Big thank you for your time. The one particular thing about Jawbone that i like is that it is more attractive. It appears that it would wear better with a bracelet on the same arm. I am in route to the Best Buy website right now!!!

  3. You are welcome. I have the fitbit one and I actually wear it on my bra strap which doesn’t cause any discomfort for me at all. I don’t think the fitbit bracelet came out until earlier this year. My personal preference still would be the fitbit one though. Sometimes when I look at it I know people find it rather odd with me looking down my shirt…LOL. I try to look at it when I am not around people though….sometimes I am just curious as to what it says.

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