I Am Not a Fitness Snob. I’m Just Saying.


This quiz is from the current edition of Women’s Health Magazine. Even though the quiz is very interesting, it is not meant to be taken too seriously.


Okay, let’s look at how I answered each question:

1.       Yes. I do have a 26.2 sticker (soon to be replaced with a 13.1 sticker, as that was my last race). But the bigger issue is why would you have more than one sticker on your car to begin with?

2.       I just bought a Fitbit today, and it is charging as I type. It will not come off regardless of what I wear.

3.       I consider anything from Lululemon too high class for me. I do buy sort of pricey stuff, specifically for exercise, though.

4.       My profile picture is that of me crossing the finish line of my last half marathon.

5.       Zumba doesn’t match my fitness level.

So based on my response, one would say that I am a fitness snob. I think that the word snob is a little harsh. In this particular situation, what word would you replace with “snob”? What score did you earn on this quiz?


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