Running on Holidays……

Honestly, I don’t care for it. The only way that I run on a holiday is if there is a group run scheduled. Even then I can’t make any promises. Last year I ran Thanksgiving morning. That was nice, because the weather was cooperative. This Thanksgiving was a no go because it was too cold this year.  At the very least, though, I usually walk my lab around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes or so.

Another reason I don’t like running in the cold is because I have natural hair. I do a daily “wash and go”, and it seems like wet hair and being out in really cold weather could equate to illness. Today, I wore one of those crochet berets. That worked out really well, and it will be one of my go to pieces for cold weather.


Image(Grocery store run.This is the only selfie that I had from a few weeks ago. I never thought I would publish this, so there was no need to smile as I just wanted to make sure the hat looked legit on my head. It was a long day so cut me some slack).

I did run this (Christmas Eve) morning though . Actually, it was too cold for my liking, but I told a good friend last night that I would show up. I stood her up yesterday at morning spin (it was raining and decided to go back to sleep), so I didn’t want to aggravate her two days in a row.  If it helps any, I did make evening spin.

I am going to call this my five mile “long run”. Now I just need to do two more three mile runs this week. I think I am going to stick with this routine for a little while until I finally begin physical therapy (Thursday morning). Hopefully, I will be good to go by May so that I can resume marathon training. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!


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