Rant: Physical Therapy is the Devil

Even though I have a very minor injury, I am aggravated by the amount of time that I am giving to strengthen and stretch my core, hips, and quads, etc to get my knees together.  I saw a lady while I was shopping at Ulta the other day, and she had a race t-shirt that I recognized. I asked her if she was running the next race in the series, and she said no because of a meniscus injury (runners have a weird kindred spirit that enables talk to each other and be total strangers). She is in a similar situation, but has had to completely stop running.  That motivated me to do most of my exercises for today.

I am not a spring chicken, so something like this (Synovitis Plica) was bound to happen. I have reduced running volume, began cross training (spinning), and do my physical therapy exercises. I imagine that some of you are thinking why not stop exercising altogether. Well, that wasn’t prescribed to me. Also, think about it from this point: If your beloved car isn’t working, you do what it takes to get it fixed, right? You do this because you have made such an investment in it. You don’t say, forget it! I’ll never drive that car again; I’ll just ride a mountain bike everywhere. Well, that’s how I feel about my physical fitness.

If you exercise, here is some free advice: Cross train or WILL get injured. Then you will have to take time, and money (even if is just the gas and co-pay) to get is taken care of. And it’s not like you go and they take care of everything while you are there; THEY GIVE YOU HOMEWORK!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn’t regard homework like this because I am an educator; but it is what it is.  


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