Nerd Alert!!!

Well, I have decided to take a break from running and utilize my gym membership. This will include RPM spinning, BodyPump, elliptical machine usage, and MAYBE swimming. It’s too cold outside, and I need a break, considering my (minor) knee injury. Additionally, it’s a full moon; so I’m not trying to be bothered with doing anything that doesn’t calm my nerves (it’s the blog title remember). I have started working out in the morning, so that leaves me some down time. At first, it felt a little awkward not training for a race, but it feels nice to have the extra time on my hands. Also, I am not hungry all the time, so my grocery bill has declined. Within the next month I have two new goals that I would like to accomplish:

1.  Learn to play chess (hence the title of this blog). I have downloaded an app that will hopefully assist me. I’m using If you know of any good iTunes app tutorials for beginning chess players please let me know!


2. Prepare more meals from scratch. This will be an on-going agenda. I found a recipe for Crock-pot sweet potatoes and home-made ranch dressing that I would like to create.

I will keep you good people posted.


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