Good Reasons to Skip A Workout

1. You are not well.

Any reason that you could take a sick day (based on your employer’s policy) could fall under this umbrella.


2. It’s too cold outside.

Yes. I said it. Even my no nonsense coworker secondratecyclist approves of my rationale (well, a little bit).

Here was our dialogue:

Him: That’s always your reason to skip a workout.

Me: Yes, only if it is under 35 degrees. I TRAINED in weather like this for my full marathon.

Him: But did you race?

Me: Yep. Been there, done that. And that ship has sailed.

Him: Okay.

3. You have work out enough for this week.

In my humble opinion, each person has a different threshold of how often they can workout without becoming injured, burned out, or lame (YEAH, I SAID IT) . I really like working our 4 times a week. Some weeks are better than others.

What would you add to this list?

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