Easing Back Into Running.

The last time I ran was New Year’s Day, which was a run sponsored by my local running store. During that time, I did minimum physical therapy. Okay, I didn’t do any physical therapy. I would go spinning about three times a week. I bailed out of physical therapy because my work hours were not compatible to the available hours of my then sports doctor and physical therapist. I was beginning to feel the “itch” to run again; so I decided to go to my regular physician and have him recommend a physical therapist that would be more compatible to my concerns.

The new physical therapist is recommending that I begin running again, because the injury is almost healed. I asked him about the long term running. He feels that most people can run successfully into old age. When I told him that I would like to run three miles, he said that was too much. Here is his modifications:

1. Walk half a mile.

2. Run 2 miles at a 13:00 pace or slower.

3. Walk half a mile. “That will be your three miles”.

4. Do this 3 times this week.

I went running last night. It was good to be out, even if it was three miles. I FELT NO PAIN! I am excited to see how this healing process plays out. I would like to be running half marathons again by this fall (September). In the mean time I registered for a 5k race (next Saturday). I plan to use the same formula that was prescribed by my physical therapist. I am doing this with friends who plan to run a half marathon the next morning. 

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