Running Has No Gray Area.

Seriously, you are running or you are not. Speed and distance is not relevant.  So when I say that I completed a 5k that took 40 minutes. I did just that. Yes a lot of walking ensued (I walked the first 1/2 mile per physical therapist), but a good amount of running was involved. But I completed the race. See how I am not misleading anyone?

This past Saturday  I ran a 5k. It was somewhat bittersweet, because I completed my first marathon exactly a year ago. But nursing a minor injury has helped me put running into more intelligent perspective. Having a “fast” or “slow” race time doesn’t say much about a runner, as far as I am concerned,  anymore. For example, I know people that are legitimately fast runners. However, they “perform” slowly because they are enjoying the scenery of a new race course.

This  probably will not be a competitive year for the Bookworm race wise. I’m not at a “mature age”, but I am no spring chicken either. The mindset for me is being able  to run smart, not hard. Here is this week’s agenda:

Tuesday: Run/walk 3 miles

Wednesday: Spin class

Thursday: Run/walk 3 miles

Saturday: 5 mile long run

I have my mind set on completing my first 10k trail race toward the end of the month.

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