How Are You Toward Health Goals, Easy Going Or Stubborn?

Daily Prompt: Never Surrender

One thing that I am adamant about is NOT setting myself up for failure.  When I choose a goal or challenge, it is natural for me to be gung ho about the situation. If I fail at the goal, I usually make modifications or plan smarter when I revisit said goal. Sometimes this takes weeks, months, or even years. In a future blog post, I may tell you about the first time how I was gung ho to train for a half marathon and quit because of my hair. YEAH I SAID IT, HAIR. A year later, after proper planning (to include cutting my hair off) not only, did I race my first half marathon, but I went on to complete my first full marathon.

With that said, I am modifying my lent goal it to allow decaffeinated coffee. Bear in mind, I am not necessarily participating in lent for religious purposes. I wasn’t raised Catholic, so I don’t know a lot of the details outside of the bible verse that Jesus fasted for 40 days. I am using this time period to challenge myself health wise. How has your lent period been going thus far? I understand if you opt to keep the answer to yourself.

4 thoughts on “How Are You Toward Health Goals, Easy Going Or Stubborn?

  1. I’ve never given anything up for Lent. I wasn’t raised Catholic and have never considered giving something up for Lent. I have vowed to eat less meat and more fruit and vegetables and stay away from potato chips. Sometimes I give in to the chips but I’m not eating a half a bag after working out!

    • Chips are soooo good. I understand your pain, as I am eating chips, salsa, and guac from Chipotle. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. What kind of chips are your vice?

      • BBQ flavored! And I don’t buy them but my husband does. If they weren’t in the house I wouldn’t even think of them! I did good yesterday though. After a 29 mile bike ride, during which I burned over 1,000 calories according to my fitness app, I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a few strawberries.

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