Vegetarian Foods That Either Make Me Say Ewwww and/or Give Me The Hebbie Jebbies

Vegan Mayonnaise


Ewwwww! The taste of regular mayonnaise, by itself, makes me want to quiver. There is only one thing that I liked a LITTLE mayo for when I was a meat eater: Wendy’s Jr Bacon Cheeseburger. Even then, the fat content began to leave a weird feeling on my stomach as I left the teenage years.


ImageHebbie Jebbies and EWWWWW! I mean look at it. It looks like insects are trapped inside of dried mud, and then it was molded into a rectangle.


ImageHebbie Jebbies! I have tried in enough varieties to know that it is not for me. The hype  is that it is versatile and can be fried, put in smoothies, baked, scrambled like an egg, and can take on ANY flavor. Sorry Tofu Enthusiasts, but that’s a lie (as far as I am concerned). I know some of you will assume I haven’t had it cooked correctly. Well, that isn’t reassuring. It tastes bland and the consistency is weird too.

2 thoughts on “Vegetarian Foods That Either Make Me Say Ewwww and/or Give Me The Hebbie Jebbies

  1. Hehe – this is a kick! I’m not big on mayo or tofu either, but I do use silken tofu to make desserts like chocolate pies and such (I’ve even served my chocolate pie to omnivores and they loved it). I’m okay with tempeh, but I still rarely eat it. Isn’t it funny how some foods just turn you off. Celeste 🙂

    • Indeed. I really try to be open minded toward all foods, but it just didn’t work out. I may try them all again in an ideal situation. Who knows? Maybe I will become acclimated to all of the listed products! Thanks for commenting.

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