Completing a CrossFit WOD…… and Being Vegetarian

I am about to enter my third week of CrossFit. I like the idea of doing full body conditioning before I get back into marathon training. This workout is not for the punk-minded, weak-minded, lazy, penny pinching minded, or otherwise. I think it is a lot of fun (when I am finished with the workout). But then again my version of fun is obviously skewed.

Often times the warm up feels like the entire workout. The first week, I would be huffing a little thinking “Whew, that was legit. Time to go to the house”. Then the coaches starts talking about the WOD. The first week I kept thinking to myself, “WHAT? I am nowhere close to being FINISHED? This is some BULLWACKY. I’m tired, and I am ready to go home”. Reality would set in that I have already invested time, sweat, unleaded gasoline, and money to do this; so I might as well hang around.  Then of course I would feel like a  fearless beast on the way home, while inhaling my protein shake. The second week wasn’t nearly as dramatic.

willy wonka

(No Wonka, I previously wore them out from talking about running and blogging so much. I plan to be cool about CrossFit.)

Obviously, there will need to be some give and take with the protein issue. I don’t have anything against meat, per say, I just don’t feel like eating it. My first step is to be more conscience about upping my plant based proteins first.

There are quite a few things healthy habits that I have included into my routine the past few weeks:

  • I have increased my water intake.
  • I have begun taking an iron supplement.
  • I have found a protein powder that taste good with just water.
  • I foam roll after each CrossFit workout.

See, the good outweighs the pain.


2 thoughts on “Completing a CrossFit WOD…… and Being Vegetarian

  1. Just had my third week of Crossfit! It’s pretty awesome. I don’t really go for the protein shakes, but I only take Crossfit once a week, so I up the ante on kale and spinach as needed. I love the class, and compliment it with yoga!

    • Our journey kind or makes us “twins” in that respect. This is week 3. I have completed 2 crossfit scale down workouts. I may go back Saturday. We will have to keep in touch!

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