Week 4 of CrossFit: Save Your Excuses.

As I meet more people through CrossFit and running, excuse making (in respect to exercise) tends to correlate with poor planning. You see, as you get to know people and their life story, the common theme is that no one has an easy life that allows them to effortlessly workout (even it appears that they do). I have learned many creative tactics that I use to stay in my workout routine, from people that are from many walks of life. Their number one tactic,  is that of a  local support group. None of the other tactics include making excuses, enabling excuses, or seeing sympathy for excuses.



Back to my CrossFit experience, thus far. Well, I am seeing results. Not yet in the mirror, mind you. But my strength stamina is improving already. I think it will be quite a while before I see physical results because I am already in shape. The very idea of going to CrossFit after a work day, changing to workout, and completing the WOD (work out of the day), was exhausting. I was only going two days a week. I’m used to this routine now. This week (considering my stamina improvement), I would like to begin going 3 times a week (3 weekly visits will be my limit).

My goal is to CrossFit 3 times a week and run twice a week. My cardio right now is two runs a week, in addition to CrossFit. If I run out of time, or the weather is bad, I go to the gym. There, I use the elliptical machine or arc trainer for 40 minutes. The only caveat to the gym is that once your body is used to running and CrossFitting, the gym really doesn’t feel like much of a workout.

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