Lent Follow-up

A few months ago, I decided to give up caffeinated coffee for Lent. I feel like I was successful with this goal. However, I actually drank coffee two times. Both times, I was in drive-through at Starbucks and routine took over. I didn’t even realize what I had done until I took a few sips. A swear word or two came out once I remembered; then I thought YOLO  carpe diem, and finished my drink (I don’t like to waste money). If  I remember correctly, I may have had a small pastry or a piece of dark chocolate that made taste it  taste better.


(If it helps any, I usually get tall size.)

If I were in a tight situation, and needed some type of pick up, I turned to decaffeinated coffee (I used the Publix brand Kerig cups).This happened about once a week. Regularly, though, I choose to drink lemon water,or a variety of green and black teas. I do  such a  better job of drinking water, that I often feel fatigued if I go to long without it. The timing could not be better,  with the warmer weather approaching,  more running, and CrossFit.


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