Nutritional Supplements: Pro, Cons, and a Hidden Cost

At this point, I have been going to CrossFit for about four months. Here is what I have chosen so far:

Whey protein:  BSN Syntha 6

Pros: I like the taste. It also has BCAAs in the ingredients. I drink it mixed in water immediately after I CrossFit.

Cons: I got tired of only having one flavor and ended up buying BSN Isoburn on sale (It taste good, but it doesn’t have BCAAs. Also, I don’t think it “burns” anything). I drink it mixed in water immediately after after running at least three miles. 

Hidden Cost: It is a good idea to use a portable shaker.

Multi-Vitamin: Mytrition Joint Personal Pack

Pros: Each pack comes with a month’s supply of vitamins suited to one’s personal needs. There is a beauty pack, women’s pack, active pack, etc. I choose the joint version because there is a big hype about Glucosamine in the active community.

Cons: It takes a couple of days to get used to taking 8 pills. Setting aside time to complete this task is also something that needs to be planned thoroughly, because you don’t want to do this in public (that’s not cute, even if you are thin) or on an empty stomach.

Pre-Workout Beverage: C4 Extreme

Pros: This is a good resource to utilize for people that do all of the right things (adequate diet, rest, and medical clearance) and still need an energy boost.  I also like the option of having a cold, portable drink that taste like Kool-Aide instead of a warm cup of coffee.

Cons: I am on the fence of whether I will repurchase it. I have a “take it or leave it” approach to pre-workout drinks.


5 thoughts on “Nutritional Supplements: Pro, Cons, and a Hidden Cost

  1. I’ve settled on getting as much nutrition from my diet as I can. I do grab a fuel for fire post WOD because they are so yummy. If I drink kill cliff it’s just for taste. My main pre, mid, post workout drink of choice……water.

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