I’m Only Going to CrossFit Today For One Reason ONLY…..

It is my third and last visit to the gym for the week! Right now, I am CrossFitting 3 times a week and pairing it with a long run on Saturdays. I am running with the Galloway running group in my town for a March half-marathon race. I haven’t decided on which race, but there are lots to choose from. I am leaning toward the Auburn (Alabama) Classic Half Marathon.

On a positive note, I feel like I have nothing in common with many of the New Year’s Resolution crowd (NO SHADE)! Over Christmas break , I did my completed the same plan (3 CrossFits and 1 long run), and was selectively indulgent. I am pretty consistent throughout the year, even if I travel out of state (see reason in the “about” page). The only difference is that I have incorporated drinking a gallon of water each day. I don’t drink it from the jug though, I just pour it into a Tervis cup.



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