Forget Meat.

Yeah. I said it.

People who know me personally, know I rarely get sick. WELL, I have had 2 digestive issues this year from meat consumption. It is leading me back into to the vegetarian lifestyle. Like the last time, the entire transition should take a couple of months.

I was vegetarian for two years. I dropped it when I started CrossFit. During this time, I strived to eat meat once a day. I would forget to eat meat  over half  the time.

The Past Two Weeks:

The Good: I have successfully abstained from meat flesh. I have been using meat substitutes. So far, I like the Quorn brand of plant based chicken nuggets and hamburger meat.

At home I have  stopped eating food derived from animals (chicken broth).

There were a few social settings where I simply  chose to “pregame” by eating before I arrived. From there, I just ate lightly.

The Bad: My junk food intake has been high during this time period. I see how people become junk food vegetarians. There’s a lot of junk food that is vegan/vegetarian friendly.

The Challenge:  I am still trying to get used to visiting the grocery store more often, meal prepping, and cooking more often.

The Plan:  Eat 1 salad and 1 green smoothie daily. That seems easy right?! Meh, but I’m making it happen. I’m also backing away from the junk food.  As usual, I will keep you posted!


(Proceed with caution!!!)

4 thoughts on “Forget Meat.

  1. I don’t know if you’re just on a plant-based diet or you are vegan, (vegan means abstaining from ALL animal derived products and foods including leather, wool, silk, etc, and they do it for the animals) but Oreos are not actually vegan. They contain palm oil, which is very bad for the environment. The palm oil industry kills animals and destroys their homes by the thousands, and it is contributing to climate change. Just a warning. I did not know this when I first went vegan.

    • I am plant based. I still intake small amount of egg and dairy. I respect the vegan lifestyle too much to simply say that I am a “dietary vegan” (if that is really a thing). The more I learn about the vegan lifestyle, the more I could see myself practicing the lifestyle further down the road.

  2. I’m curious to hear about your progress! I’m a vegetarian, and now I’m much better at finding healthier options, but I struggled mightily with the vegetarian junk food options myself for the first year..or two.. Heck, it’s always a temptation.

    • This week has been much better. I had cravings, but I really worked at being more disciplined. I abstained from all junk food this week. Shopping at places like Aldi’s is also making it more cost effective than ever.

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