In the last post, I mentioned that I was going back vegetarian. The transition has not been difficult. I am still working my my intake of produce though. However, it does seem that vegetables taste better/more flavorful as time goes on. I suspect that my taste palate is changing.

Meat still smells good. I say this because at one point back when I was vegetarian, the smell of meat had a old lingering stinky smell to it, even if it looked good.

I feel alot better not having meat in my system. The less processed the food is, the better I feel. Part of decision to transition back to the Vegetarian lifestyle may be related to the fact that I have resumed running and yoga. I tend to like “lighter foods” when I do these activities. I have also reduced my caffeine intake with Teeccino coffee and tea bags. My favorite is French vanilla and chocolate.

Since I have have change my dietary habits, I am gently exercising by working my mileage back up with the training log below:


(I’m on week 5. I have been using 2:1 run/walk ratios. If I am dragging/unmotivated, I opt to use a 1:1 ratio).


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