5k to 10k

In the last post, I mentioned that I was using a 5k training plan. I finished it up and  I moved to a 10k plan. My longest run was 5 miles. It wasn’t a good run either. Plantar fasciitis showed up the next morning.

The next week, I reduced mileage, but concluded that it was time for new shoes. So I bought new shoes. I ran in them for a week, and found that they were not the best shoes for me. I took them back and got another pair of shoes. I like them alot better.


(I made it to week 7, but I’m  going back to week 3.)

I walked/ ran 3 miles twice this week . More walking than running happened during these two runs. It’s that time again in the year to get acclimated to the humidity. So sad.

My goal is to COMFORTABLY run 3 miles 2-3 times a week and complete a long 3-5 mile long run each weekend. I also plan to pair  the running with yoga this summer. There is usually a steep summer discount special at my local yoga studio that I have enjoyed in the past.

Happy running and be safe!



4 thoughts on “5k to 10k

  1. I’m so impressed at how your exercise regime and healthy eating have been progressing. I’ve dreamed of doing a Couch to 5K for a loooong while now, but that’s all it’s been…..dreaming…..on the couch. One of my problems is also plantar fasciitis, but mine is from walking a lot in bad footwear or maybe just in old footwear… I should probably see a podiatrist and get fitted for some proper shoes before I start running. Sigh… Best of luck to you! Keep it up!

    • Thank you! I am a big fan of your blog! I saw a podiatrist a few years ago for something unrelated. He was recommend by other runners because he was a runner and triathlete. It is a good feeling to see my healthcare advocates running/training/grinding on a regular basis!

      • Cool. It’s good to have a doc who understands. As a runner, and someone with plantar fasciitis, how do you know which running shoes ‘work’ or ‘don’t work’ for you? What do you look for when trying them out?

  2. At the running store in my town, I always remind them that I have big, wide, flat feet. They also have a recording of my running gait on video. Sometimes the shoe is good but still may need insoles. I also keep a ball that I can roll my bare foot on in my work tote. I have also heard that some people use a frozen water bottle to roll there bare foot on so that there is an icing aspect to it. Hope that helps.

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