I’m Had a Corny Moment, But I’m Good Now.

Yesterday, I created a video blog for you all. I wanted to spice things up around here. I tried to upload it, and Miss WordPress wanted me to upgrade this blog for $100. Lol. No.

So I tried to upload it to YouTube. No luck. This morning, I tried to find other options. No luck. Out of frustration, I ALMOST reached for my debit card. However, there was one problem:

This was not planned out at the beginning of the pay period when I created my budget. It wasn’t an emergency, so I couldn’t justify going into savings for it. I can hear some of you right now saying:

“Bookworm, you need to lighten up and live on the wild side sometimes!”

I would have to disagree. I know myself. Giving into wants here and there is how  I would get into consumer debt. That’s right. No consumer debt here. I’m not above it, I just don’t like the bank or companies having dibs to my once a month teacher paycheck.

I like to read blogs, watch videos, and listen to Podcasts for reinforcement. It works.

My Favorite Money Blog: DoubleDebtSingleWoman.com

My Favorite Money YouTuber: FrugalChicLife 

My Favorite Money Itunes Podcast: Dave Ramsey  (I usually don’t agree with his politics, but I still like his sense or humor and overall spirit of helping people better their relationship with their money).

Do you have a favorite money personality? Sharing is caring!!!





9 thoughts on “I’m Had a Corny Moment, But I’m Good Now.

  1. My fave money personality is CHEAP. 😂 I argue over fees, look for any way to max revenue, started selling stuff on depop and ebay, and limit dates because money does not grow on trees.

    Also, maybe vimeo.com will take your video.

    Great post!


  2. My personality is I WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING!!! But I’ve (mostly) tamed that beast and have settle into a nice Frugal personality 🙂 Its a struggle tho!!!
    I like Ramsey too but like you I don’t like his politics etc

  3. You are speaking my language! Lol! August is just around the corner…a new month = a new budget (and maybe springing for an upgraded WordPress). 🙂 Seriously, though, I didn’t realize our free templates would not support videos! Bummer!

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