Your “Why” Needs to be Legit.

At the end of July, I signed up for not 1, but 2 races in November. I signed up for the Soldier Marathon with some friends and the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon. The 2 races are about 5 days apart. For the past year, I have been completing group runs with a certified running coach (through my running store in town). I asked her if that was too much (you know after I signed up and paid). Fortunately, she said no.

The Soldier Marathon is being discontinued after this year. I raced my first half marathon there and it was life-changing. I am opting to participate in the marathon relay. With the relay, 4 of us will run 6-7 miles a piece. We know each other from Black Girls Run. To make it more fun, we ordered matching t-shirts for the race.

With the Atlanta Thanksgiving Half,  I saw free parking and race day bib pickup and lost my cool. That, gentle reader, is not a legit reason to run a race.

I rarely get that impulsive about anything. But for whatever reason, I just had to sign up to run this race (and pay the 100 bucks). A financial guru once said that if you get that impulsive to spend money, you may need to take a cold shower. I think he was kidding, but the more I think about it, not so much.

The surprising effect has been that since the school year has resumed, my hard earned running base has allowed me to run well during the week despite having busy workdays. I have also been pairing the runs with yoga practice afterward at a nearby yoga studio. At this point, my training plan has me running for an hour. I have been running 40-45 minutes and then high tailing it to yoga. I am going kick it up to an hour of running and scale down on the yoga.

Even though I have been able to run my Saturday long runs, I have had to run the last few weekends by myself. I’ve struggled to get up early in the morning. The group takes off at 6:00 a.m. This Saturday is the last double-digit run with a group, so I am going to make sure I go bed early Friday night. I’ll keep you posted.



(The Bookworm has been enjoying the HeadSpace App.)





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