Next Month Should be Better. Hopefully.

Because of some extenuating circumstances, I have done minimal running and yoga. My floors flooded again last month. Ha!  Long story short, I have replacement costs built in my insurance, so I get new floors in another week. The old floors (less than a year old) are in a dumpster in my driveway. Paid in full as of today.

Also, because of the well-known math teacher shortage, I accepted a transfer from the alternative school back to the high school; days before the school year began. Busy is an understatement. Life is good, and so is God. I plan to run my first long run with my running group in about 4 weeks. Six miles. I will tell you about it. Stay tuned.

If there are typos, help me out. My blogging game is getting rusty.


3 thoughts on “Next Month Should be Better. Hopefully.

  1. Good to ‘see’ you again!! 🙂

    Ugh about the flooding, but insurance is a very good thing when you have the right kind and enough of it.

    I hope the reduced running and yoga hasn’t caused too much stress, but you always feel better when you’re in the swing of things. I’m staying tuned for more developments…

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