About The Bookworm

Because it calms my nerves (or works on my nerves) ……

I have completed quite a few races (1 full marathon, 3  half marathons, 2 10k races, 1 10k trail race, and 2 5k races).

I have a routine of posting  at least once a month.


CrossFitter (I’m taking a break. Competing in a local CrossFit competition is in my bucket list though).

Weekday jogger/weekend jogger/occasional yogi and cyclist

I have been physically active since I was a kid. Like many people, I gained over 20 pounds while being an undergraduate. The weight fell off quickly once I graduated, started teaching, and got back into the routine of healthy eating and exercise. That was well over 10 years ago.

I have maintained the weight loss out of laziness. Losing weight is too much work. I think because of this mentality, I haven’t had to deal with weight fluctuation. I generally give myself 3-5 pounds to gain before I analyze what is going on, and create a reasonable strategy to get back into the swing of things.

I’m a high school math teacher. I teach in alternative school setting.

I use this blog as a creative outlet to communicate with like minded people and journal about my fitness milestones and fails. The Bookworm name derives from my joy for reading and other media forms such as podcasts. I learned about how to create a blog several years before I started one when I was a graduate student.

Thank you for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “About The Bookworm

      • I did twenty seven years in middle school, four in Bedford Sty. the rest in college teaching basics. If you can use any of my work feel free to do so. The very best, my colleague.

  1. And there was me thinking i was alone in this weight gain thing during my undergrad days. Unfortunately i’m still carrying around the excess weight 😊

    Great stuff keep it up x

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It means a lot to me to have support. My hope it inspire people to live a life that has meaning to them and to be conscientious about every decision we make.

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