I’m Had a Corny Moment, But I’m Good Now.

Yesterday, I created a video blog for you all. I wanted to spice things up around here. I tried to upload it, and Miss WordPress wanted me to upgrade this blog for $100. Lol. No.

So I tried to upload it to YouTube. No luck. This morning, I tried to find other options. No luck. Out of frustration, I ALMOST reached for my debit card. However, there was one problem:

This was not planned out at the beginning of the pay period when I created my budget. It wasn’t an emergency, so I couldn’t justify going into savings for it. I can hear some of you right now saying:

“Bookworm, you need to lighten up and live on the wild side sometimes!”

I would have to disagree. I know myself. Giving into wants here and there is how  I would get into consumer debt. That’s right. No consumer debt here. I’m not above it, I just don’t like the bank or companies having dibs to my once a month teacher paycheck.

I like to read blogs, watch videos, and listen to Podcasts for reinforcement. It works.

My Favorite Money Blog: DoubleDebtSingleWoman.com

My Favorite Money YouTuber: FrugalChicLife 

My Favorite Money Itunes Podcast: Dave Ramsey  (I usually don’t agree with his politics, but I still like his sense or humor and overall spirit of helping people better their relationship with their money).

Do you have a favorite money personality? Sharing is caring!!!





Podcast Favorites!

I am really impressed with how Apple itunes Podcast have evolved. I listen to several on a daily basis. I tend to do this when I get home to tidy, cook, and dog walk. It enables a smooth transition from work to home life.

I increase the speed of the podcast of those that tend to talk slowly, have a regional drawl, or doesn’t require deep thought.


Here is a list of podcasts that I regularly listen to. What do you all listen to?


No Meat Athlete

Squats and Espresso

Nom Nom Paleo

Work Related

How I Teach

Personal Growth

Happier With Gretchen

Real Simple

Joel Olsteen

Dave Ramsey

The Art of Charm


This American Life

Yo, Is This Racist?

My Fitness Is Improving, But I’m Ready To See Some Abs!

A wise man once told me that the first place you gain weight is the last place you see improvements. So if that is the case, then I suppose the abs are in route. I am already a health weight, and I see the changes in my arms, shoulders, and gluteus. I will just bear in mind that patience is a virtue and rock on. Here is my workout for this past week:

Tuesday: CrossFit and ran 3 miles with the running group

Wednesday: CrossFit

Thursday: CrossFit and ran 3 miles with the running group

Saturday: Long Run of 5 miles with the running group


 (The Bookworm is currently reading It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways. It is basically the Paleo diet on STEROIDS. There are some good points, but overall it seems way too restrictive.)

Vegetarian Foods That Either Make Me Say Ewwww and/or Give Me The Hebbie Jebbies

Vegan Mayonnaise


Ewwwww! The taste of regular mayonnaise, by itself, makes me want to quiver. There is only one thing that I liked a LITTLE mayo for when I was a meat eater: Wendy’s Jr Bacon Cheeseburger. Even then, the fat content began to leave a weird feeling on my stomach as I left the teenage years.


ImageHebbie Jebbies and EWWWWW! I mean look at it. It looks like insects are trapped inside of dried mud, and then it was molded into a rectangle.


ImageHebbie Jebbies! I have tried in enough varieties to know that it is not for me. The hype  is that it is versatile and can be fried, put in smoothies, baked, scrambled like an egg, and can take on ANY flavor. Sorry Tofu Enthusiasts, but that’s a lie (as far as I am concerned). I know some of you will assume I haven’t had it cooked correctly. Well, that isn’t reassuring. It tastes bland and the consistency is weird too.


Daily Prompt: Linger

As an educator, I LOVE to linger during the summer, weekends, and spring/winter breaks. This is often done with the company of my Labrador retriever. Yes, I know it appears that I am rubbing in. These sacred times of the calendar month are well earned, trust me. My lingering, however, is usually a working break where I am catching up on some reading, Netflix/Redbox watching, blogging, and communicating with friends and family that I don’t usually get to talk to regularly. It helps me “charge my batteries” and de-stress.The perfect way for me to linger is in the sunlight at a coffee shop completing said activities.
(The Bookworm is trying to finish reading Divergent in order to prepare for its movie release later this week.)

The Bookworm Is Infatuated With Audible.com

Instead of music, I am currently listening to downloaded audio-books from my iPhone (through audible.com) when I am on the elliptical machine. So now if you see me at the gym attempting to quietly chuckle, now you know. As much as I enjoy reading, I prefer audio-books at this point, because it enables my multitasking spirit. I think that I will use e-books and audio books,  more often,  for fiction. I rarely read these types of book again, even if I feel that the book is a 5  out of 5 (star) book.

My favorite entertainment genres are African American fiction, biographies, and Chick lit (also known as chick literature). I choose “Who Asked You” by Terri McMilllan and “Bridget Jones: Return of the Boy” by Helen Fielding. Fielding’s book will appear as a film this spring. McMillian’s works has appeared in film before (Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Grove Back); I would not be surprised if this book appeared in film as well.


(I don’t reread print fiction books. However, this audio book was hilarious and dramatic. I will be listening to it again.)


(I am in the middle of listening to this book. It’s pretty funny so far, but the subliminal message is to be careful what you ask for.)

I Am Not a Fitness Snob. I’m Just Saying.


This quiz is from the current edition of Women’s Health Magazine. Even though the quiz is very interesting, it is not meant to be taken too seriously.


Okay, let’s look at how I answered each question:

1.       Yes. I do have a 26.2 sticker (soon to be replaced with a 13.1 sticker, as that was my last race). But the bigger issue is why would you have more than one sticker on your car to begin with?

2.       I just bought a Fitbit today, and it is charging as I type. It will not come off regardless of what I wear.

3.       I consider anything from Lululemon too high class for me. I do buy sort of pricey stuff, specifically for exercise, though.

4.       My profile picture is that of me crossing the finish line of my last half marathon.

5.       Zumba doesn’t match my fitness level.

So based on my response, one would say that I am a fitness snob. I think that the word snob is a little harsh. In this particular situation, what word would you replace with “snob”? What score did you earn on this quiz?

They Say Sitting is the New Smoking…….

Think eating a nutrient dense diet and regular exercise earns you great health? Not so fast. According to the Runner’s World online article “Sitting is the New Smoking-Even for Runners“, there is a “consistent body of emerging research suggesting that it is possible to meet current physical activity guidelines while still being incredibly sedentary. It is a bit like smoking. Smoking is bad for you even if you get lots of exercise. So is sitting too much”. 

Here is my two cents.

§  Wouldn’t be counterproductive to exercise then become a couch potato the rest of the day. I get that there are people that have 45+ minute commutes to and work (for example), and proceed to a cubicle to work 8 hours. But in general, most physically active people are not “active couch potatoes”. They are not the type of people that just sit for hours on a regular basis.

§  If you are physically active, you are probably concerned about staying hydrated. You know what that means don’t you? Frequent restroom trips.

§  Those people who wear pedometers to work are on to something. You know who these people are. They tend to be in the 40+ age range and give you updates on how many miles they have walked at work that particular day. Kudos to them. To the group under 40 years old, being a “active couch potato” at work is not a good look. You don’t want to get the lazy label do you?

§  I do like that the article ended on a positive note. It gives the reader a positive and inexpensive remedy to its concern: “Stand up and take frequent, short activity breaks”.

§  Let’s be realistic though. When it’s been a long day at work ( and the weather isn’t cooperative) it’s not natural to spring into action and workout. With it being the middle of December, going to a warm home, ordering carryout, and browsing the internet seems like more fun to me at the moment.

I encourage you to read the article and comment what your take is from it.