You “Betta” Ask Somebody… About Trail Running.

Here is the logic when I saw the  $25 Big Dog Trail 5k/10k race here in town:

“Twenty five bucks for the 5k and the 10k? Might as well get my money’s worth and run the 10k”.

That’s okay if you have trail running experience. For some reason I was inclined to think it was going to be a cute little scenic run like high school cross country running. NO. It’s running through ditches and large tree roots. Just imagine high stepping off and on for 6 miles.

trail running

(This is a picture of the the trail that I found online. The race used red tape and red flags to keep runners on the course. There was also a simultaneous bike race. So we runners had to also be on the look out of not being ran over by  mountain bikes. )

Despite the drama of the terrain, the run is worth it because the scenery is beautiful. I would have taken pictures, but I needed to focus in fear of falling and breaking my neck. I’ll take pictures next time, as I want to run this race again next year.

I will wear my race t-shirt with lots of pride and dignity!

hidden figures

(The Bookworm is currently reading Hidden Figures.)

I haven’t seen the movie, but I will as some point. The book is nonfiction, but when I see the movie I will be prepared not to do the comparison thing. Hollywood producers can be inclined to mold true stories into historical fiction.


December Thoughts: Brace Yourself.

Back in mid-October, I started back with CrossFit and Half Marathon training. It happened on a whim.  A lot of whimsical stuff happened around that time. One could blame it on the full moon but that’s another story for another time.

Around this time of year, marathons crop up. I suppose the excitement  lead me to more running than usual. I am pairing the CrossFit with running for crosstraining purposes. I have been going to CrossFit on strength days twice a week; For the run, I run once during week and perform a long run each Saturday with a training group.

Kid you not, my running store sponsors a FREE half marathon the first Saturday of January every year. It’s the Red Nose Half Marathon. That’s right, a free half marathon that is about 5 miles away from my house.

Image result for red nose marathon

(FREE !! FREE!!!! FREE!!!!!!!)


I do have a lingering thought. It’s really cold outside. For example, tomorrow morning’s long run of 11 miles begin with 29 degree weather.  Wouldn’t be cool to celebrate half marathon training by….sleeping in race day? Think about it.

Image result for kermit

(It could be fatique talking. Quiet as it’s kept, I really think it’s the dude on the right talking mess.)


I’ve been easing away from the vegetarian lifestyle by eating tuna fish a few times a week to up my protein. Those little Bumble Bee Tuna and Crackers are tasty. I only like the Thai flavored ones. That’s the only seafood I like right now. I don’t have any interest in going back to white meat or red meat.

Image result for bumble bee thai crackers

(It’s delicious!)

I want to get back into meal prepping. Right now seems impossible, but I want to resume doing so after December 16th when I am on Christmas Break from my full time and part time teaching jobs.


Image result for outliers

(The Bookworm just finished reading Outliers. Here is her favorite quote from the book:)

“In fact, researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.”
Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

I Had BEST See A Return On My Investment!!!!

Daily Prompt: Que Sera Sera

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, I believe that I control my own destiny. The obvious caveat is that it appears to get more difficult as I get older. It is pretty easy for me to reflect on this, because I am an educator for 13 year olds in the system that I was a student at.

At 13, I began school sports where I had P.E. during the school day, and basketball practice afterwards. Adequate rest, hydration, injury prevention, and weight maintenance was not a concern.

At 23, I began teaching. I had just lost that excess college weight, with a mild amount of effort. At this point, I was conscience about resting, and minimum weight maintenance. I still didn’t care about hydrating, injury prevention, or a whole lot of things.

At 33, I somewhat envy the carefree mindset of the 13 and 23 year old. At this point, adequate rest, hydration, proper fueling (for successful workouts), and injury prevention is a moderate concern.

Many females say age 40 and up is not physically kind to females (YOU KNOW WHAT I GETTING AT…..).  I say that age 25 and on have been unkind (physically) to a lot of males and females. A person cannot always prevent accidents, horrible diagnosis such as cancer, and the overall aging process. However, we can all put in the good fight and make a healthy lifestyle a priority. It can’t be done individually. It will take the support AND/OR respect of family, peers, and friends.

Vegetarian Foods That Either Make Me Say Ewwww and/or Give Me The Hebbie Jebbies

Vegan Mayonnaise


Ewwwww! The taste of regular mayonnaise, by itself, makes me want to quiver. There is only one thing that I liked a LITTLE mayo for when I was a meat eater: Wendy’s Jr Bacon Cheeseburger. Even then, the fat content began to leave a weird feeling on my stomach as I left the teenage years.


ImageHebbie Jebbies and EWWWWW! I mean look at it. It looks like insects are trapped inside of dried mud, and then it was molded into a rectangle.


ImageHebbie Jebbies! I have tried in enough varieties to know that it is not for me. The hype  is that it is versatile and can be fried, put in smoothies, baked, scrambled like an egg, and can take on ANY flavor. Sorry Tofu Enthusiasts, but that’s a lie (as far as I am concerned). I know some of you will assume I haven’t had it cooked correctly. Well, that isn’t reassuring. It tastes bland and the consistency is weird too.

What You’re Giving Up For Lent Says About You

I’m five from the list this year. Of course this list is not absolute or scientific, but it easy to relate to and hilarious to read. Enjoy!

Thought Catalog

The good thing about Lent is that it comes around at just about the exact moment when no one can even remember what a New Years Resolution was in the first place. But this time we’ve got God on our side. We’re serious now.

Pink Sherbert PhotographyPink Sherbert Photography

1. Sweets.

You don’t like to think outside of the box, you’re a “stick to what I know” kinda person because chances are you’ve given this one up for the past ten years. And there’s also a good chance you’ve got a vacation coming up or something where you’ll be in sleeveless clothing and don’t want your arms to jiggle like they are now. No judgment — God gets it, have you seen his guns under that white robe?

[tc-related post=299861 align=right]

2. Alcohol.

You don’t have a vacation coming up. But now you’ve got a good excuse to stay in rather than…

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What Are You Giving Up For Lent?


I decided to give up coffee for lent. People’s perception of me is like the picture below. That is not true. I was like the picture below  AFTER I TRIED to give up coffee, for lent,  two years ago.



I am not fasting from all caffeine; just regular coffee.

I know the bible mentions (somewhere in the New Testament) that you are not supposed to openly discuss what you choose to fast from. However, publishing this post is helping transfer this exciting energy (about my lent goal) into something productive.

I will keep you updated (a little bit).

Yes, I just thought of this.

Yes, I am about to go out and buy a fair amount of green, earl grey, black, and herbal teabags.

Maybe This Happens To You.

1. Am I the only person that looks forward to their evening workout , limits consumption of food that isn’t nutrient dense, then get home and seriously consider skipping the workout (like I am doing right now)?


(Maybe not the pink and jelly filled donuts. I think they taste funny.)

2. Am I the only person that goes to a physical therapist, and seriously plan to do the exercises? Thankfully, I am almost fully recovered and PT exercises are optional.

3. Am I the only person that will feel smug/proud for skipping a workout?  Wait it gets better. THEN said smuggle gets envious when someone mentions that they worked out an hour latter on social media? Too bad it still doesn’t motivate me to work out.

4. Am I the only person that has confessed social media envy (like I did just now, see #3) ?

5. Am I the only person that needs a cup of (decaf) coffee to get motivated to workout? By the way,I decided that I am a borderline caffeine junkie and self inflicted intervention with said decaf.


(That’s “real talk”.)

Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite.  I want to “hear” your responses/comments.

The Bookworm Is Infatuated With

Instead of music, I am currently listening to downloaded audio-books from my iPhone (through when I am on the elliptical machine. So now if you see me at the gym attempting to quietly chuckle, now you know. As much as I enjoy reading, I prefer audio-books at this point, because it enables my multitasking spirit. I think that I will use e-books and audio books,  more often,  for fiction. I rarely read these types of book again, even if I feel that the book is a 5  out of 5 (star) book.

My favorite entertainment genres are African American fiction, biographies, and Chick lit (also known as chick literature). I choose “Who Asked You” by Terri McMilllan and “Bridget Jones: Return of the Boy” by Helen Fielding. Fielding’s book will appear as a film this spring. McMillian’s works has appeared in film before (Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Grove Back); I would not be surprised if this book appeared in film as well.


(I don’t reread print fiction books. However, this audio book was hilarious and dramatic. I will be listening to it again.)


(I am in the middle of listening to this book. It’s pretty funny so far, but the subliminal message is to be careful what you ask for.)