December Thoughts: Brace Yourself.

Back in mid-October, I started back with CrossFit and Half Marathon training. It happened on a whim.  A lot of whimsical stuff happened around that time. One could blame it on the full moon but that’s another story for another time.

Around this time of year, marathons crop up. I suppose the excitement  lead me to more running than usual. I am pairing the CrossFit with running for crosstraining purposes. I have been going to CrossFit on strength days twice a week; For the run, I run once during week and perform a long run each Saturday with a training group.

Kid you not, my running store sponsors a FREE half marathon the first Saturday of January every year. It’s the Red Nose Half Marathon. That’s right, a free half marathon that is about 5 miles away from my house.

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(FREE !! FREE!!!! FREE!!!!!!!)


I do have a lingering thought. It’s really cold outside. For example, tomorrow morning’s long run of 11 miles begin with 29 degree weather.  Wouldn’t be cool to celebrate half marathon training by….sleeping in race day? Think about it.

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(It could be fatique talking. Quiet as it’s kept, I really think it’s the dude on the right talking mess.)


I’ve been easing away from the vegetarian lifestyle by eating tuna fish a few times a week to up my protein. Those little Bumble Bee Tuna and Crackers are tasty. I only like the Thai flavored ones. That’s the only seafood I like right now. I don’t have any interest in going back to white meat or red meat.

Image result for bumble bee thai crackers

(It’s delicious!)

I want to get back into meal prepping. Right now seems impossible, but I want to resume doing so after December 16th when I am on Christmas Break from my full time and part time teaching jobs.


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(The Bookworm just finished reading Outliers. Here is her favorite quote from the book:)

“In fact, researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.”
Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success



Before I get to the meat of this blog post, I want to ensure you that melodrama is indeed spelled with one letter l. I know I am “doing the most”, but I like to be together for my fact checkers and receipt viewers.

Anyway, I want to discuss how neurotic I am the evening before a Saturday morning long run.  It’s one of the reasons that  I don’t care to race anymore. It cuts into my hangout time. This is how it usually played out the Friday evenings before:

  • Grocery shop because I knew I would be too tired after the run.
  • Tidy/Clean the house because I knew I would  be too tired after the run.
  • Do laundry for workout clothes and find watch, food, water bottles, etc.
  • Lay out your clothes, gear, food, water bottles, etc.
  • Complain about going to bed early.
  • Go to bed. Late.

THEN, the alarm would go off. It’s worse than that workday alarm feeling…..Not that I would know .

So THEN you have to determine whether it’s worth it. Because that sleep was good. More like amazing. Short answer: If you already paid for a race that helps .For many of us, it also depends on how many people you humble bragged to.

But guess what?! I’m reformed. It took only 26.2 miles to understand that I don’t have to do that mess anymore. Insert the 6 mile limit:

  • I can finish  within an hour and a half.
  • I can go to bed when I feel like it.
  • Pack water/food? Not nearly as much, if any.
  • It’s easier for people to relate to that distance.
  • The hidden cost are lower: food and  shoe replacements, in particular.

Yep. So this Saturday, I will run 6 miles. And that will be that.

short story

(The Bookworm has just finished reading the How to Write a Short Story.  A good friend recommended it. The e-book was .99 on Amazon, so she didn’t have much to lose.)


Week 4 of CrossFit: Save Your Excuses.

As I meet more people through CrossFit and running, excuse making (in respect to exercise) tends to correlate with poor planning. You see, as you get to know people and their life story, the common theme is that no one has an easy life that allows them to effortlessly workout (even it appears that they do). I have learned many creative tactics that I use to stay in my workout routine, from people that are from many walks of life. Their number one tactic,  is that of a  local support group. None of the other tactics include making excuses, enabling excuses, or seeing sympathy for excuses.



Back to my CrossFit experience, thus far. Well, I am seeing results. Not yet in the mirror, mind you. But my strength stamina is improving already. I think it will be quite a while before I see physical results because I am already in shape. The very idea of going to CrossFit after a work day, changing to workout, and completing the WOD (work out of the day), was exhausting. I was only going two days a week. I’m used to this routine now. This week (considering my stamina improvement), I would like to begin going 3 times a week (3 weekly visits will be my limit).

My goal is to CrossFit 3 times a week and run twice a week. My cardio right now is two runs a week, in addition to CrossFit. If I run out of time, or the weather is bad, I go to the gym. There, I use the elliptical machine or arc trainer for 40 minutes. The only caveat to the gym is that once your body is used to running and CrossFitting, the gym really doesn’t feel like much of a workout.

Completing a CrossFit WOD…… and Being Vegetarian

I am about to enter my third week of CrossFit. I like the idea of doing full body conditioning before I get back into marathon training. This workout is not for the punk-minded, weak-minded, lazy, penny pinching minded, or otherwise. I think it is a lot of fun (when I am finished with the workout). But then again my version of fun is obviously skewed.

Often times the warm up feels like the entire workout. The first week, I would be huffing a little thinking “Whew, that was legit. Time to go to the house”. Then the coaches starts talking about the WOD. The first week I kept thinking to myself, “WHAT? I am nowhere close to being FINISHED? This is some BULLWACKY. I’m tired, and I am ready to go home”. Reality would set in that I have already invested time, sweat, unleaded gasoline, and money to do this; so I might as well hang around.  Then of course I would feel like a  fearless beast on the way home, while inhaling my protein shake. The second week wasn’t nearly as dramatic.

willy wonka

(No Wonka, I previously wore them out from talking about running and blogging so much. I plan to be cool about CrossFit.)

Obviously, there will need to be some give and take with the protein issue. I don’t have anything against meat, per say, I just don’t feel like eating it. My first step is to be more conscience about upping my plant based proteins first.

There are quite a few things healthy habits that I have included into my routine the past few weeks:

  • I have increased my water intake.
  • I have begun taking an iron supplement.
  • I have found a protein powder that taste good with just water.
  • I foam roll after each CrossFit workout.

See, the good outweighs the pain.


I Had BEST See A Return On My Investment!!!!

Daily Prompt: Que Sera Sera

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, I believe that I control my own destiny. The obvious caveat is that it appears to get more difficult as I get older. It is pretty easy for me to reflect on this, because I am an educator for 13 year olds in the system that I was a student at.

At 13, I began school sports where I had P.E. during the school day, and basketball practice afterwards. Adequate rest, hydration, injury prevention, and weight maintenance was not a concern.

At 23, I began teaching. I had just lost that excess college weight, with a mild amount of effort. At this point, I was conscience about resting, and minimum weight maintenance. I still didn’t care about hydrating, injury prevention, or a whole lot of things.

At 33, I somewhat envy the carefree mindset of the 13 and 23 year old. At this point, adequate rest, hydration, proper fueling (for successful workouts), and injury prevention is a moderate concern.

Many females say age 40 and up is not physically kind to females (YOU KNOW WHAT I GETTING AT…..).  I say that age 25 and on have been unkind (physically) to a lot of males and females. A person cannot always prevent accidents, horrible diagnosis such as cancer, and the overall aging process. However, we can all put in the good fight and make a healthy lifestyle a priority. It can’t be done individually. It will take the support AND/OR respect of family, peers, and friends.


Daily Prompt: Linger

As an educator, I LOVE to linger during the summer, weekends, and spring/winter breaks. This is often done with the company of my Labrador retriever. Yes, I know it appears that I am rubbing in. These sacred times of the calendar month are well earned, trust me. My lingering, however, is usually a working break where I am catching up on some reading, Netflix/Redbox watching, blogging, and communicating with friends and family that I don’t usually get to talk to regularly. It helps me “charge my batteries” and de-stress.The perfect way for me to linger is in the sunlight at a coffee shop completing said activities.
(The Bookworm is trying to finish reading Divergent in order to prepare for its movie release later this week.)

What Are You Giving Up For Lent?


I decided to give up coffee for lent. People’s perception of me is like the picture below. That is not true. I was like the picture below  AFTER I TRIED to give up coffee, for lent,  two years ago.



I am not fasting from all caffeine; just regular coffee.

I know the bible mentions (somewhere in the New Testament) that you are not supposed to openly discuss what you choose to fast from. However, publishing this post is helping transfer this exciting energy (about my lent goal) into something productive.

I will keep you updated (a little bit).

Yes, I just thought of this.

Yes, I am about to go out and buy a fair amount of green, earl grey, black, and herbal teabags.

Maybe This Happens To You.

1. Am I the only person that looks forward to their evening workout , limits consumption of food that isn’t nutrient dense, then get home and seriously consider skipping the workout (like I am doing right now)?


(Maybe not the pink and jelly filled donuts. I think they taste funny.)

2. Am I the only person that goes to a physical therapist, and seriously plan to do the exercises? Thankfully, I am almost fully recovered and PT exercises are optional.

3. Am I the only person that will feel smug/proud for skipping a workout?  Wait it gets better. THEN said smuggle gets envious when someone mentions that they worked out an hour latter on social media? Too bad it still doesn’t motivate me to work out.

4. Am I the only person that has confessed social media envy (like I did just now, see #3) ?

5. Am I the only person that needs a cup of (decaf) coffee to get motivated to workout? By the way,I decided that I am a borderline caffeine junkie and self inflicted intervention with said decaf.


(That’s “real talk”.)

Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite.  I want to “hear” your responses/comments.